Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers

  • How do I have to proceed if I want to rent out my apartment?

    Click on the button “register”. You will be lead through the registration process. You will have to choose a user name and password and register your e-mail address. Your account will be enabled and you can proceed with registering your apartment.

  • What happens once I have completed the registration process?

    After the registration your data will be sent to BASELLODGING. We will contact you as soon as possible if your apartment fits into our portfolio and fulfils all prerequisites. Important note: It is the duty of the tenant to inform the landlord / property management about the intended sublease.

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  • How high is the rental fee?

    For the time you sublet your apartment to us, you will receive individually assessed remuneration on a per diem basis. The daily rate is calculated considering several criteria such as size, amenities and facilities, distance to exhibition grounds, location, and comfort level. After we have visited your apartment you will receive an e-mail with our offer and the rental agreement with all relevant details.

  • What happens after my apartment profile has been activated?

    Your apartment is now visible on the client area of our homepage and bookable by all our customers. Once your apartment has been booked, you will receive an e-mail confirmation with all relevant information about handover and return of the keys and a comprehensive checklist.

  • How do I have to prepare my apartment for the handover?

    Depending on the length of their stay, our guests will arrive with substantial luggage. It is within your responsibility to provide ample space for our guests to store their luggage as well as their clothes. Furthermore, the registered number of beds must be at our guests’ disposal. BASELLODGING will provide duvets, pillows, linens and bath towels as well as products for personal hygiene (shower gel, shampoo, body lotion, etc.).

    Personal items such as medication, beauty products, and valuables must be locked away. We are not liable for theft of personal belongings. If you have any questions relating to this topic, you are welcome to contact us directly (phone: +41 61 263 05 05, e-mail:

  • Do I have to clean my apartment before the handover to BASELLODGING?

    Yes, the apartment must be in clean condition. We will send you a checklist with our requirements concerning cleanliness. Before our guests’ arrival we will take care of all final arrangements in your apartment. During the stay of our guests our cleaning team will inspect, clean and tidy up your apartment daily. After the departure of our guests we will take care of the final cleaning.

  • How does the handover of the keys take place?

    The keys must be given to BASELLODGING one day before our guests’ arrival at the latest. You can drop off the keys at our check-in desk at Hotel Ramada Plaza until midday of the day of the handover. We will inform you about the details beforehand. One day after our guests’ departure, the keys will be returned to you at our check-in desk (after 2 p.m.).

  • Can I enter my apartment during the period of sublease?

    Generally, no. In exceptional cases and only after consulting BASELLODGING you may enter your apartment sometime between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. (see also General Terms & Conditions).

  • How do I proceed in the event of damage to my property?

    If any damages that are clearly attributable to our guests to the apartment or parts thereof or any facilities are discerned during the sublease or after, BASELLODGING will provide coverage according to our General Terms & Conditions.

  • How do I receive the remuneration for the sublease?

    After the return of the rental property we will authorize the payment to your bank or postfinance account within 10 days. For administrative reasons cash payments are not possible.