Our concept

As a partner of the Basel Tourism Authority, BASELLODGING has been offering serviced business accommodation since 2006 for visitors and exhibitors of Baselworld and Art Basel.

Your private home will be converted into a fully serviced apartment for business travelers. We will therefore equip your apartment with all necessary amenities and provide all services.

Take advantage of this opportunity and entrust us with renting out your own apartment.

Check now if your apartment would suit our standards:
  • Can my apartment be reached within a maximum of 15 minutes by foot or tram/bus from the fair (the apartment has to be within the city limits of Basel)?
  • Is my apartment up to modern building standards – especially bathrooms and the kitchen?
  • Is my apartment fully equipped with all standard amenities including real beds – not mattresses on the floor or futons?
  • Does my apartment have internet access (preferably WLAN) and TV?
  • Can my apartment be accessed by an elevator (if 2nd floor or higher)?
Please be aware that unfortunately we cannot consider individual rooms or any apartments outside of Basel.